A dialog with Mother Earth through Divination

Butterflies are essential pollinators for many plants. Like bees, monarchs are seriously threatened by pesticides, pollution and loss of habitat. The appearance of the monarch in today’s reading could signify a new idea or some news appearing about pollinators.”

We got the party card and it’s not even the weekend. Nevertheless Earth is saying go have fun with some friends. Perhaps a worthwhile project will emerge, but that should not be the intent of the gathering. Three of cups is all about merrymaking and pleasure.”

A problem like global warming that impacts the entire biosphere will affect the human species as much as it affects other life. One human alone may feel Earth’s stress as irritation. Many humans together form into societies and nations; these entities react to Earth’s stress with anger directed toward each other.”

The 8 of Pentacles represents this notion of process, reminding us that things cannot be rushed. Traditionally it shows the apprentice at work in his workshop, performing his skills. We bring together all our abilities and apply them to a creative challenge, gaining mastery in the material realm.”

Crop Circle for this moon at EarthSpeak


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Happy New Moon

EarthSpeak is back with the same goal - building a dialogue with Mother Earth. 
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